Boom Co

UX, Prototype, Brand Experience


Boom Co is a new attitude, product line and brand launched by Mattel. They promised to be every bit as extreme as their blaster making competitors over at hasbro. Mattel is known for great design, new products and innovative thinking. Now they finally have a competitor who can take bigger shots.


My concept is to create a hi fidelity mockup of the visual assets used for an interactive website . The graphic will help aid in a more detailed and fun way to learn about the new blasters by BoomCo.


I started this project with immense research and really felt a connection with design of these products. I found a figurative infographic approach, where the user could click on individual parts of their blasters , and animate each piece to reveal the insides, and other mechanics of the shooter. My initial plan was to explore the possibility of webGL and Maxon's C4D api to render out my model in real time. I never found a solution to really plug into the api. I took the role to produce a high fidelity prototype, showcasing how the animations, modeling, and how interaction would look and feel like.


After developing my concept and plan of attack, I continued to model out one of BoomCo's newest blaster gun products. Once the modeling and animations were complete I moved into mocking up an interactive prototype with button hits with Indesign. Located at the bottom of this page.


Using the powerful rendering engine inside Cinema 4d I am able to produce realistic lighting with global illumination, ray tracing, shadow depths, tonal shading of the materials and motion blur. I used an HDRI light kit to capture interesting reflections and give the renders a strong appeal.