Helps teams connect anywhere anytime. Harness their power from the cloud with precise measurement enhancing the performance in any scenerio.


Microsoft wanted a unique a way to communicate how operations ran behind the scenes, and engage their current Cloud Admins with the latest news and updates both from a product & internal perspective.


My main challenge was creating a unique visual identity to personify their Cloud Admins, Microsoft 0ffice 365 products, Services, and Change Management within a Super Hero Theme.


Admin Hero

The Learning Path experience consist of an elite task force to help teach and give new abilities, who seek the need.

Powerful Admins

Our elite force are a series of heroes, and these heroes have a distinct way of presenting themselves throughout the brand.

Encouragment Through Super Powers

The experience is supposed to show how these Admin Heroes can help our IT Professionals learn new and exciting tools to help them grow, these super mentors are here to guide them.

Strategic & Visual Design

I think there is a lot of room in creating a more functional landing page that allows users to digest what this tool is intended for, and why they should be using it more often. Currently, the page does not help people minimize confusion on this page.

Elite Task Force

Once we landed our design aesthetic, assets, and hero characters we continue to develop multiple marketing pieces to be used. Many of these deliverables consisted of powerpoint templates, icons, images, and even an interactive sway presentation for Office roadshows.

The heroes themselves can also be treated as an icon with proper cropping.

What We Did

Myself and one other designer that I brought onto my team at the time developed this entire story that included two full animation stories and intro video for this campaign. We carried out an enterprise level production between just the two of us.



Voice Overs, Sound Design, Music Production, and Sound Engineering.



Script Development, Ideation Sessions, Concept Development, and Keyframe Animation.



Illustrations, Iconography, Video, 3D Modelling.

Design Assets

We created various illustrations, icons, symbols, to be used throughout productions, and all marketing materials.


Final Production

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