Kit Kat

Ad Campaign, Product, Brand


I always loved Kit Kat chocolates growing up which felt like a great challenge to design an ad campaign for one of their newest products. This was one of main portfolio pieces, which involved a dynamic approach to capture the extreme desire and flavor Nestle's Kit Kat chocolate through a series of product adverts.


My approach was to engage the audience with a design that captures the essence of chocolate and Nestle's brand as the leading industry for bold and memorable flavors. The campaign consist of three different ads, released in an order that reveals the new flavor by the tearing of Nestle's candy wrapper. Intense 3d modeling and fluid simulations was a challenge to overcome for the Art Direction.

Chunky Bars

The adverts would be focus on Kit Kat's latest orange chocolate chunky bar. There was a lot of chocolate harmed during the making of these ads which helped in staying focused.


From the start of the project I knew there needed to be intense and fast moving chocolate flowing throughout each print. I found some really great resources from other studios who have done amazing chocolate renderings and fluid simulations. This would be a major role in creating the look and feel for the visuals and averts.


I sketches out a few loose ideas in a sort of art board sense. This would help give me a closer look into finding interesting forms, movement, and focus points for the modeling that would take place after. This is something I always do before undergoing any project.


Reaflow and Cinema 4D would be the best way to achieve the realistic visuals needed for this project.I created a mesh and imported the particles into Cinema 4D where I will texture and render out each piece.


After the chocolate fluids were finished and textured, I modeled out orange slices and full oranges inside of Cinema 4D.

The wrapper details came from Cinema 4D's cloth nurb dynamic tags, these allow for physical attributes such as wind, turbulence, and gravity forces for movement. The cloth is attached to the ridge points along the side as you can see in the simulations causing the ripping effect. This was textured in Cinema with the official Kit Kat logo, and then brought into photoshop.


This is the final result after touch ups and compositing in photoshop.