MinWoo Sound

ux design, web, identity


Minwoo Lim is an aspiring and innovative music composer for video games, film, and production. His work ranges from original soundtracks to intricate and beautiful sound design. My task was to create a whole new identity that spoke to these strengths, and a website that showcased his talent in a compelling and engaging way.


The identity design was the first step before jumping into the web structure and user experience. I focused on creating a colorful and harmonious design that could live on print, and on the web. Once the full identity was delivered, this allotted to my overall design decisions such as color, graphic elements, typography and sense of space and unity.


These icons represent Minwoo's talents and expertise. The icons primary focus was to help visually explain what page the user is on, or what to expect content wise. With strong graphic symbolism, the content becomes a lot easier to decipher when visiting the website.


Minwoo's identity set needed to remain consistent throughout print and mobile. The experience is meant to feel modern, strategic, and balanced. The mark represents music elements and spaces between keys of a piano and the color represents the power of sound and melody.