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The journey through the Art Institute of Seattle and getting my Bachelors in Graphic Design opened my eyes to graphic design, fine arts, and other media like never before. I grew up loving to draw and that always stuck with me as a designer. Over the years I have grown to learn a few new programs such as Cinema 4D, Realflow, Zbrush and Keyshot.


This is just my comprehensive collection of art I make on a daily basis. Sometimes its used for an event, or just exploring a new found inspiration for the day. Enjoy!


Assorted works from 3d modeling, motion, zbrush and vector art. This is my daily fun.

I created an original music composition with scenes from Beyond the Black Rainbow.

This is a fan made video.

Music from :


I have been exploring a lot of 3d sculpting and character design, its a really great tool to use, and really fun to play with.The lighting is set up through ZBrush itself, or sometimes I will import the models into a program called KeyShot which is a real time raytracing HDRI rendering program and then composite and paint inside of photoshop.