Bang & Olufsen

Experiential Design, 3d Projection, Branding


My main objective for this project , is to clearly illustrate and define a viable concept for an instore / environmental installation creating new ways for audiences to interact with Bang & Olufsen.


Using technologies such as 3d animation, and 3d projection mapping I was to develop the art direction and main design for the space, and demonstrate animations with projection mapping.

Experiential Marketing

Create transformative branded experiences and journeys that connect with audiences in a meaningful way to create lasting results.


Bang & Olufsen manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal..

Projection Mapping

Definition - "MAPPING" is a process. When you map something, you RECORD it. The proper representation of the process of pixel mapping is (a) recording a map of the proposed projection surface and (b) projection of content to conform to and align to the projection surface (according to the map).


Sketching out forms and shapes that felt like they where in the realm of my clients form and aesthetic. Looking for interesting shapes to mockup with foamcore.

3D Modeling

Moving from the sketchbook, I have a better time mocking up my ideas with 3d modeling software. The software of choice for this project is Maxon's Cinema 4D since it offers robust rendering and design capabilities that help meet deadlines.

Final Concept

Design cubic structure within the retail space that represents Bang & Olufsens acoustic testing sound room called "The Cube" featuring a visual experience powered by a wireless surround sound speaker system.


This project was a chance for me to explore emerging technologies such as projection mapping and visual mapping software that I never have before. Building out a small version of my design will help demonstrate the use of projection mapping and various techniques.