Satmato Yoga Therapy

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Satmato Yoga Therapy helps people rediscover themselves and unlock the wisdom for healing when it doesn't seem possible. Understanding how yoga can benefit your mind, body, soul was the first step into finding a creative solution that speaks from within.


Communicating the core foundations of the brand and goals to help people cope with the world opened an area for study. The identity contains a narrative, in which one must set forth on a journey through themselves.


Sketching and exploring numerous ideas to create a memorable and creative mark to represent Satmato Yoga Therapy. After a few meetings with my client , we discovered a distinct path in creating the perfect mark.


The mark symbolizes the core essence of wholeness, acceptance and compassion, one step at a time.

Identity System

Meditation Videos

I have been creating weekly visuals for my clients meditation videos. The idea was to at create an inviting atmosphere when the viewer was experiencing the meditation.

This meditation explores the characteristics of the second chakra, the sacral chakra. This energy center is associated with the low belly, low back and hips as well as passion, sensuality and fluidity. Enjoy. For more information and guided meditations check out Satmato Yoga Therapy at

Enjoy this short 10-minute guided meditation as we explore the root chakra. This energy center is associated with grounding, home, safety and the lower body (feet, legs and base of the spine). For more information about Satmato Yoga Therapy and more guided meditations visit