American Student Assistance

Data Visualization, Information Design, Print


American Student Assistance has a public service mission to help college loan consumers in the communities they service make informed decisions regarding higher education financing. They reach the community through public-purpose projects and partnerships with organizations that share our vision for student loan borrower success.


Design an infographic that will aid in the education of college students, an loan consumers to understand the bigger picture in education financing. The data will be delivered in a way that's easy to understand, and help with better decisions when thinking about student financial aid, and how it effects you and the economy.


I always sketch anything and everything after intense research and analyzing.


Iconography designed for the poster to help visualize the story and the content. From appropriated texts, and examples of existing data visuals this is one of the best ways to help the reader understand context and content.


The infographic contains bar graphics, and concentric graphs that tie into the overall contemporary modern look and feel of the infographic. The content needed to be compelling and engaging for the reader. These charts display heavy content and data in a easy and informative way.