User Experience, Interaction, Brand


The objective was to solve a problem for freelance designers looking for work. I approached this with strategic architecture and human centered design principles for a mobile application.


Create a fast paced and organized user experience with a modern and intrinsic UI design. The initial goal is to have freelance without the bid wars, and open new paths to freelance.


Narrow down the vision and set constraints to help achieve your goal.

User Profiles

The user cases explore scenarios that students, freelance artist and designers experience during their life. The main solution would to be find work fast with this new app service and find quick jobs, or full time positions fast and easily.

User Interface

The interface has a color coding for the different opportunities available through the app. The green and blue bars are differentiated between the types of job postings that are available. The Blue bars are hiring positions through the premium service, where the Green bars are everyday free postings that are available. We could even connect with craigslist's api specifically for design jobs with this interface.

Signing Up

The initial concept was to have two ways in signing up for this app, one path would be geared towards clientele, or someone looking to hire a designer, artist, intern, etc. The other path would for the hungry artist, ordinary freelancer, or student seeking an internship to sign up and find projects and other related works.

Social Portfolio

The idea of having a social profile for the designer to showcase resumes, pieces of work, or client driving content to help illustrate your profession and skill levels would be an optimal way in getting noticed and finding work.