With the average college student graduating with tens-of-thousands of dollars in student loans, prospective college students, parents and policymakers are all trying to better understand the value of college education, particularly as it applies to future decisions in the job market.


This specific tool allows users to see the value of top ivy league colleges & technical institutes, and how much value those degrees bring to someone with that career choice.


Working with content strategist and data analyst, I was to find a new approach in redesigning this web tool, position the brand & styling, and produce social campaign assets within 3 weeks.



Starting from the beginning, I evaluated the current page design to get a better idea of what to improve.

Lack of Usability

The old design lead users wondering off of the page, and had issues with discovering data on various devices. The search function was buried under all of the filters hurting discoverability.


Without proper usability metrics or auditing it was even more challenging to figure out a new approach in redesigning this web tool. There was also a dramatic decrease in page views over the years because of outdated content and awkward content flows.

Content Strategist and the marketing team would be heavily influenced with business strategies based off heavy SEO targets and page ranking over usability metrics. Understanding the user is just as important when it comes to designing for people than just how content lives on the page and how to hit benchmarks for page ranks. At the end of the day it's important to make sure how UX can help sustain SEO needs across the board of any project for B2B.

Brand Interaction

Understanding how the content experience is on all devices helps influence the contents purpose. Basic user experience principles such as items below the fold, active white space, and breakpoints increases the users journey.

Break Points

Checking some of the breakpoints the team discovered that there were some interesting design flaws that seem to lose the user with strange spatial relationships, and components that seemed broken.

Old Content

Overall the page had met lots of web requirements when it came to heavy SEO Benchmarking, however a lot of the content was clearly outdated and contained lots of broken links, and almost no styling to paragraphs.

The project direction was clearly identified after this quick analysis helping craft new ideas that were both SEO & UX friendly. Increasing the page performance and brand impact were the top priorities.


Allowing for the page to feel more predictable and practical was the approach in mind when working on these iterations during the design phase.

Modular and Flexible

Avoiding heavy wordage to help the user focus on the main filter options of the table at the top of page.

Easy to Communicate

Encouraging users to interact right away would help increase usability and page usage lending itself to more thoughtful content down the page that still helped keep keyword ranking high.

HiFi Design

Main Hi Fidelity mockup that was fully revised for development.


Final Production

Screen shots of the final design in production, built inside of word press with a full custom theme. I was able to help oversee some of the design elements when being developed. I usually help with front end projects but this contained heavier backend data work - and data rich content with the table, formatting, and filters.


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